Nourish Seasonal Experiences

PEDICURES   Our seasonal ‘Nourish Your Escape’ Pedicures blend the aromas of the season with exfoliating enzymes, essential oils, organic fruit and plant healing agents to give you a pedicure fashioned by nature. Let us take you away…we also give you an extra treat! Close your eyes and pause with a nourishing soak and scrub to help you find your inner bliss.  Go deeper with a gentle foot and lower leg massage and awaken with nourished cuticles, nails prim and proper with an added splash of colour to brighten your day. Cozy blankets, hot neck wraps and a friendly, stunning atmosphere provided! Choose from one of our seasonal pedicure experiences:

Champagne & Rose Pedicure

A delicious fragrant experience inspired by the fruit of the vine. Our Champagne and Roses Pedicure utilizes grape derived enzymes along with fruit acids designed to gently remove dead skin cells and leaving your skin feeling young and smooth. Your skin is enveloped in a rich butter cream that contains She Butter, Grape Seed Oil, Vitamins A,C,D and E for softer, silkier skin. Served with a sparkling beverage and chocolate truffless for enriched decadence.  60 MIN  $67