Gasp, it’s true! Our fees may not the cheapest in town, and in fact, they may be a teensy weensy bit more.  This is because we are committed to providing you with a high quality, chemical-free experience and we always have your health in mind.  We are medically owned and keep our promise to ensure the strictest sterilization practices. Because of this, our supplies cost us more than the “normal” nail salon.   We also give you free stuff with most services…


• We’re kind of like a hotel…you make reservations and we hold them specifically for you.  Therefore, if you are booking your first appointment with us, we will ask you to provide a credit card number to hold your appointment.  Those without a credit card will be invited to take a chance at dropping in as a walk-in guest or to pre-pay your service at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.

• We recommend that you arrive about 10 minutes early for your appointment to allow time to pick your polish and get comfortable


If we have your email on file, we will send you an email reminder, or a text reminder with your cell number on file! Nourish is not responsible should you forget your appointment or mix up the time.


We love you, you know that, right? That’s why it tears us apart when you don’t arrive for your reservation. We take self-care seriously, and you deserve YOU time.

We love all of our guests, and so when you don’t show up, or you cancel or change your appointment at the last minute, we cry! Seriously! Because someone on our waiting list won’t have an opportunity to take your reservation, and they will miss out on their own self-care time.

We also love our team, and when we get an opening in our schedule that we don’t have time to fill, we wander around aimlessly, missing you and wishing you were here.

So Love, please honour yourself and your fellow Nourish Tribe members. Be kind, gracious, and allow time to pamper yourself in our ridiculously clean spa.

Because we love you so much, we do have one simple rule that we ask you to honour, and that we do enforce:

Please give us 2 business days’ notice to cancel or change your reservation. Guests who do not, will be required to pay 50% of the cost of their reserved service, payable on or before your next experience with us.

Thank you for this kindness,



If you are running late, please give us a call. We will do our best to accommodate late arrivals, however our appointments are booked in specific increments of time.  If we are able to accommodate you, your reservation will be customized to fit your remaining appointment time (full service fee will apply).


15% to 20% is customary but of course this is left to your discretion for individual appointments. For appointments made for 3 or more people or for Private Parties/Events an 18% gratuity will be added automatically.


We absolutely care about your satisfaction. If your polish chips within 3 days, we’ll fix it for free!