What You Need to Know About Your Nourish Mani & Pedi



NourishYS_Product SLIDE_Holder_6We’ve reinvented the manicure and pedicure with your health in mind: At Nourish we are passionate about your health– your safety and sanitation is our number one priority.  Nourish adheres to the strictest disinfection and sterilization practices that go WAY above and beyond normal spa and nail salon regulations. You’ll never see us double dip into the nail polish bottle.  You’ll never see us use a non-sterilized tool on you. And we will never, ever, ever place your feet in a basin, which uses germ-infused jets to flow water around. Committed to using and providing you with safe products is our mission!  Our Nourish team only use natural, organic, chemical-free, earth-friendly products.


Our Ridiculously Clean Policy

• Files and buffers are never reused and are disposed of, or given to you at the end.

• We never double dip in our nail polish bottles.  Instead, we individually pour your base coat and top coat and use a disposable application brush to apply. Actually, if we are applying regular nail polish (not gel), you get to keep the bottle!

• We clean, sanitize and sterilize all tools and equipment after each guest in a medical-grade autoclave, just like hospitals do!

• Tools are kept in sterile pouches to avoid any contamination.

• Gloves are worn by our estheticians for pedicures

NourishYS_Product SLIDE_Holder_7• We don’t use typical pedicure chairs, which use jets to circulate water.  Why not?  Because they are gross. Water containing the germs from your feet circulates through the jets where no soul can ever reach to clean and disinfect it.  What happens next?  The jets allow circulating water to pick up harmful infection and disease-causing germs like bacteria, fungus and viruses.  We’d rather your feet stay healthy!

• Pedicure basins are scrubbed and disinfected with high quality medical grade (but natural and not harmful to your health!) cleaning products after each use, and a disposable liner is inserted.