Hi!  If this is the first time you have experienced Nourish, WELCOME!  If you are returning and love us so much that you can’t get enough, WELCOME BACK – we love you too!


A Bit About Nourish

Nourish is Cobourg’s full service award-winning boutique spa that delivers exceptional service in a stunning, yet relaxed and engaging atmosphere. We service Cobourg, Port Hope and all surrounding areas in Northumberland County, and guests who travel from far away places just to experience us.  We are humbled and appreciate your sincere excitement to bask in all that is Nourish. Thank you!

Owned and operated by medical foot health specialist (Chiropodist) Cristol Smyth, the vision for Nourish developed from a passion to merge health with beauty, with a focus on reinventing the beauty industry cleanliness standards for nail salons and spas.  In her nearly 20 years of treating patients, Cristol saw far too many toenail infections amongst her patients, caused by receiving pedicures from salons and spas who lacked knowledge and resources to prevent these infections. Rather than continue to advise her patients to avoid these services she decided to tackle the industry-wide problem herself.  Et Voila!  Nourish was created to uphold the strictest of standards for sterilization, infection prevention and your safety – all in a beautiful space where women and men can gather to experience pampering with confidence.


We’re Cleaner Than Clean

At Nourish, we take the utmost care to provide a clean, sterile and safe environment that goes WAY above and beyond normal spa and nail salon health regulations, for manicure, pedicure, waxing, facial and relaxation massage services. Most spas and nail salons panic when they have a surprise health inspection.  Not us – we say BRING IT!  We are proud to show off our efforts to protect you.

” I have never seen a spa or nail salon go so far above and beyond”   – health inspector #1

“We use your spa as a model when discussing cleanliness standards with other spas and nail salons” – health inspector #2

We Love Our Planet

At Nourish, we love our planet.  We strive to use only natural, organic and cruelty-free products and to provide you with a chemical-free experience.  We reserve our relationships for brands that share our vision, ethical business approach and responsibility to employees and to our environment.


We Make Promises and Keep Them

We promise to ensure that your experience is like none other. Mixing the vibe of an open-concept nail salon with a spa”ish” setting, we are your retreat to escape the stresses of the outside world.

Infection control responsibility is a passion for us. We promise to employ the most stringent cleaning, disinfection and sterilization standards with every service you have with us.

We love what we do! We’re enthusiastic. We’re energetic. We’re friendly. We’re professional, and we’ve got spirit!

We enjoy exploring and learning to become even better at what we do. And if we can fill your day with smiles and relaxation at the same time, we’ve done our job!


Come alone, or gather with friends to relax, unwind and engage with an invigorating staff full of laughter, light and love



The Nourish Team xo